Mujer policia dice que ella no es una traidora, por lo que hizo su esposo; dispararle a otro agente.

NYPD Officer: I’m Not a Traitor

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York police officer accused of covering up for her husband who was charged in a shooting said she is not a traitor to her badge, but instead was unknowingly caught up in a crime, reported The New York Times in Monday’s edition.Jacqueline Melendez Rivera’s husband, Jose Rivera, was charged by authorities in the shooting of a plainclothes officer, Andrew Suarez, 25, under the arm on a Brooklyn street nine days ago. Rivera sped away, authorities said, as other officers shot at his sport utility vehicle.

About an hour later, his wife was found behind the wheel of what police said was the same SUV at her home in Brooklyn. Investigators said she was not in the car during the shooting but was trying to hide it to cover up her husband’s crime.

Police have charged Rivera, 31, with attempted murder and officer Rivera, 37, with covering up for him. She has been suspended from her job and is free on bail.Rivera said she had not seen her husband since.»Me loving him does not condone what he did, bringing me down in this mess,» she said. «Everybody’s affected. Not just him. Officer Suarez and his family. My family. My kids. The job that I worked at for 13 years. Everybody’s in pain.»

Her lawyer, Jay H. Schwitzman, said that Rivera had cooperated with the investigation since the night of the shooting, allowing detectives to search her house and pointing out that her husband had gone to the back of the house after returning home.The police recovered a gun in the backyard, which they determined was used in the shooting.

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