El sabado por la noche, hay que hacer el cambio de hora. 3 semanas antes de como era antes. ¿Lo sabe tu pc?

Dear Valued Network Solutions(R) Customer:
We wanted to make you aware that U.S. daylight-saving time will start this Sunday, March 11, three weeks earlier than usual. This change was authorized by the U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005.

While we all look forward to more daylight, we did want to let you to know that many technology vendors are issuing patches and warning customers about the possible impact this time switch may have on their personal and business computers, including the time zone settings on the systems clocks which may be incorrect during a four-week period following March 11th.

This could lead to calendaring applications not working properly and key, automated processes not taking place on time. You may want to look on the Internet to get some tips on making sure your computer is ready for an earlier date change. Some good sites to visit include:,, and

Please be assured that all products and services that are hosted by Network Solutions on your behalf are being updated for the earlier daylight saving date.

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