El 10% de los jugadores de Grandes Ligas, son dominicanos, por eso somos la República del Beisbol.

The film “The Republic of Baseball” that tells the story of how Dominicans came to influence “America’s favorite pastime” will be shown on Dominican Night at the New York International Latino Film Festival this Thursday, 27 July at 8 pm at Florence Gould Hall (55 East 59th Street).

The film will then be released to PBS stations by Latino Public Broadcasting this September to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the man who started it all, Ozzie Virgil.

Dominican Night will bring together films from today’s emerging Dominican filmmakers. Producers Dan Manatt and Rob Ruck explain that “The Republic of Baseball” is the story of that first extraordinary generation of players from the Dominican Republic – Felipe Alou, Juan Marichal, and Manny Mota – who overcame poverty, the brutalities of the Trujillo dictatorship, the upheaval of the U.S. invasion of 1965, and racism in America.

Their impact, and all that they endured, has profoundly reshaped baseball and their nation.

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