Desde que salió esta revista, lo que todos comentan es que Oprah Wnfrey es lesbiana. Y si lo fuera, ¿a quien le importa? Su vida es de ella.

Claro, no hay mejor manera de vender la revista que con esta sugerencia, que ha sido llevada a los programas de chismes de la tv anglo, con cientos de millones de televidentes. Asi, ¿quien no?

Oprah Uncensored!

The August issue of O magazine is all about friendship — so who better to dish about that than OPRAH and her own best friend, GAYLE KING?

In the new issue, on stands July 18, the famous pals sit down together for an honest interview — addressing the undying rumors that they are secretly in a gay relationship!

«I understand why people think we’re gay,» Oprah says. «There isn’t a definition in our culture for this kind of bond between women. So I get why people have to label it — how can you be this close without it being sexual? How else can you explain a level of intimacy where someone always loves you, always respects you, admires you?»

«The truth is, if we were gay, we would tell you, because there’s nothing wrong with being gay,» Gayle adds, though she does admit in the mag that the rumors did put a damper on her dating life at one point! «I used to say, ‘Oprah you have to do something. It’s hard enough for me to get a date on a Saturday night. You’ve got to go on the air and stop it!'»

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